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Everything you want to know about Hybrid Office Sharing

How Space32 can help you

"We were searching for a part-time office solution and were so happy when we found Space32. It's a great idea, brilliantly executed"

Ruth Kieran, CEO, Cirkle PR

Space32 all started at the beginning of the pandemic when our founder Jon wanted a solution for his existing 25-person business in central London. He switched his team to 3 fixed days in the office and their office became the first Hybrid Office share in December 2020.

Seeing the global potential for this solution, the founding team at Space32 have put in the hard work perfecting the concept so that we can enable other teams to achieve the same benefits.

Our marketplace

We have built the first office marketplace that enables you to find and list office space by the number of days each week you want. We have worked out a pricing system that works for both space seekers and space providers. We also know the office features that matter to you, for example you can filter results by walking distance to a station and select the right amount of break out space needed for your team.

Making Hybrid Office Sharing work for everyone

We know how to ensure Hybrid Office Sharing is the best of both worlds for teams and never feels like a compromise. We have set-up templates for providers and guides for space seekers. We have step-by-step processes for businesses wanting to convert existing office space at very little cost.

Legal frameworks

The legalities within the office leasing sector can be complex, so we put in the hard yards to simplify things for you, dramatically reducing costs at the same time. Our standardised Hybrid Office Sharing Agreement is accepted by landlords and property lawyers. For businesses looking to convert an existing office to Hybrid, our landlord permission process has never failed (as of August 2022).

On your side

We want to shake up the global office leasing sector and are on the side of businesses looking for new solutions in the new world of work. We don’t like pressure sales techniques, instead we want to help teams to find the ideal solution for them. You should feel that when you work with us.

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