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The Easiest Way To Make £200k For Your Business In 2023

The Easiest Way To Make £200k For Your Business In 2023

In today's competitive business landscape, finding innovative and easy ways to generate additional revenue is the golden ticket for companies looking to compete and thrive. Seriously, just imagine what you could do with an extra £200k a year, guaranteed. Book a team trip, run that killer marketing campaign, or help your staff through the cost of living crisis.

What if I told you that there was a super simple way for you to get that £200k without having to put in days and weeks of effort?

For London-based business leaders who currently rent offices full-time, there has never been a better time to boost your bottom line by leveraging the power of office sharing. This blog explores how listing your space on Space32 can help unlock guaranteed revenue with minimal effort.


By leveraging our marketplace, our clients are earning up to £200k a year with minimal effort.

Office sharing presents a lucrative opportunity to diversify your revenue streams and tap into a thriving community of tenants actively seeking office space solutions. 

Embrace the power of office sharing, unlock new revenue potential, and propel your business forward by starting your journey with Space32 today!


Space32 has emerged as a game-changer for London-based businesses seeking to monetize their underutilised office space and add guaranteed revenue to their bottom line. 

We connect businesses with spare office space to companies looking for an office, enabling office sharing and guaranteed revenue for the business listing their space. 

One office. Two businesses. Different days.

It seems too good to be true that you can make over £200k a year with a one-time, easy contract, but we have business leaders just like you making a collective £1.5 million a year by embracing hybrid office sharing and monetising their empty space!


Listing your space on Space32 is incredibly easy, and we handle everything from arranging viewings, the legal framework of the lease, and marketing your space to prospective tenants.

How many sales would you have to make to generate £200k in revenue? How many doors would one of your salespeople have to knock on to generate £200k in profit? How much would you have to invest in marketing to see a £200k return on your investment?

Instead, you can simply list your space and we will handle the rest, giving you the easiest sale you’ll ever make!


One of the key advantages of using our marketplace is the ease of attracting tenants. 

Unlike traditional sales or lead generation efforts that require significant time and resources, revenue from office sharing is more predictable and requires minimal ongoing effort once the contract is signed. 

In today's tough economic climate, having guaranteed yearly revenue on the board is a must for businesses, and Space32 is the best way for you to be able to do that. 


Unlike the uncertainties associated with sales cycles and lead generation, revenue from office sharing offers a higher level of predictability. 

With signed contracts in place, you can rely on a steady income stream from your spare office space. This provides financial stability and the opportunity to allocate resources more strategically within your business.

For instance, our client Pod Talent made £100k annually from renting out their spare office space and used that money to invest in helping their staff through the cost of living crisis. This prioritisation of people over the office is only possible through Space32, so if you’re a business leader with spare office space, don’t miss out!