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We connect businesses with amazing office spaces to those seeking full or part-time solutions.

Who we are

Our founder made his office a place his team loved to come. But since adopting hybrid working, they no longer needed all the space all the time. So they became the first Office Host, sharing their workspace on the days they didn't need. It worked so well, he launched Space32…

Turn empty office days into revenue

Why Space32 works

We create perfect matches between Office Hosts and businesses seeking Hosted Offices.
Office Hosts love the workspace and culture they've created. But hybrid working means there's space to share. A whole building, a spare floor or a cluster of desks. From 1 day a week to full time.
Teams within Hosted Offices get their own workspace with design and vibes baked in, but only pay for the days they need. Cost effective, dedicated space that brings joy back to office working.
Now in our second year with Space32, we're congratulating ourselves on finding this progressive solution! We've been able to answer our team's needs, enabling them to work in the way that works for us all.
Jessica HargreavesCEO, Pretty Green

Spaces to fall in love with

We've increased income by £190,000. More people in our space adds to the overall office vibe and culture, which none of us were expecting.
Jamie MatthewsFounder at Initials CX

Could your space be here?

Did you know, 77p out of every £1 is wasted on unused office space? On the flipside, sharing office space - whether floors, desks or hours will increase your bottom line.

On average, we increase profit for Office Hosts by 33%. In 2023, Space32 generated £2 million for our Office Hosts.

Turn empty office days into revenue