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Office Strategy
Hybrid? On-site? Remote? Having the right working pattern can make the difference between sink or swim.
Office Strategy
From small to big, part-time to full-time. Don't compromise until you get the perfect match.
Office Strategy
Drive efficiency and boost your bottom line with office hosting. Find out how much your space can generate.

How Initials made over £190k from their empty office space

Space32 Office Host - Initials CX

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What’s special about us?
After helping 500+ companies, we've learnt that you can't separate your office space and strategy. We evaluate your needs and curate your ideal work-space, a term that covers both.
We are passionate about getting the best deal for your people and your business. We have a range of tools that work hand in hand to make that happen.

We invented the “part-time office“

By implementing a new legal framework we've created over 200 part-time offices.

You only pay for the days you need on flexible 6+ month contracts, resulting in savings of up to 50%.

Turn empty office days into revenue

Our spaces are unique

We partner with leading businesses who have spare availability and rent them out as Hosted Offices. You won’t see them on any other platform.

On top of that, we make sure that every space on our platform has amazing facilities and inspiring design that your team will love.

Turn empty office days into revenue

Share your space and we'll increase your profit

For businesses who love their office, but aren't using it all of the time, we convert availability into revenue.

Whether you have an unused area or don't need the whole space on certain days of the week, we can help.

It's easy to implement and we guide you through the whole process. Think of it like Airbnb for offices with long-term guests.

Space32 - Profit Calculation
Jon Dweck
After helping 500+ companies, we've learnt that you can't separate your office space and working strategy. So we focus on helping companies build their ideal work-scape, a concept that covers both.
Jon Dweck
Founder of Space32
Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of using Space32?

Experience, flexibility and customer focus. We've helped hundreds of businesses find their dream office on terms to suit them.

Our portfolio of office space is the most comprehensive on the market and includes full and part-time options, many of which are exclusively available on Space32.

We like to think we're a friendly bunch, who use our years of experience to make your office search quicker, cheaper and less stressful.

How can I get office strategy advice?

To get advice on your office strategy and working pattern, get in touch via this form and arrange a time to chat with our team of experts.

Can you help me find an office?

Absolutely! Get in touch via this form and we’ll prepare a bespoke shortlist of offices matching your criteria, or to browse all of the offices available, head to our Marketplace and request a viewing.

Can you help me rent out the office space I’m not currently using?

Yes, this is our specialist area of expertise. We guide you through the process of becoming an Office Host, find you tenants and handle the paperwork. It’s hassle free and can significantly contribute to reducing your office overheads. To calculate how much your space could generate, fill in this form and we’ll take it from there!

What types of office space do you offer?

We offer private office space on either a full or part-time basis from a range of flexible office providers and Office Hosts across London.

Does Space32 charge a fee for its services?

We will never charge businesses looking for office space for our services, we receive a small commission from providers and Office Hosts for successful placements.

How can I contact you?

To get in touch, contact us by phone on 020 3727 4411, email us on or click “Get Started” on our website.