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Be an Office Host

Convert unused office space into profit

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What's an Office Host?

Office Hosts have spare office space and unused office days available to share. From 2 days a week to full time. A whole building, a spare floor or a cluster of desks.
Our Office Hosts occupy attractive leased offices in London. They love the workspace and office vibe they've created. But flexible working means there's space to share.
My biggest surprise is that we can generate £100k per annum and it feels like nothing has changed! We don't even notice that tenants have been there when we're working from home.
Louise HardingOperations Director at Pod Talent
Space32 Office Hosts generated £2m in profits in 2023

What do Office Hosts have in common?

They recognise transforming empty office space and unused office days positively impacts their entire business. From team culture to atmosphere, profit and environmental emissions.
We've increased income by £190,000. More people in our space adds to the overall office vibe and culture, which none of us were expecting.
Jamie MatthewsFounder at Initials CX

Why become an Office Host?


Hybrid working is here to stay. And yet. All the positive benefits of flexible working can get overshadowed by the impact of your half empty office space.

Sharing office space and office days reignites positive energy. And an energised culture fosters collaboration, creativity and a sense of community, enabling your people and business to thrive. And your team keep the workspace they love!

Turn empty office days into revenue


Did you know, 77p out of every £1 is wasted on unused office space? On the flipside, sharing office space - whether floors, desks or hours will increase your bottom line.

On average, we increase profit for Office Hosts by 33%. In 2023, Space32 generated £2 million for our Office Hosts.

Turn empty office days into revenue


The combined effect of unused office space and new office fit outs significantly increases polluting emissions and wastes energy. That's bad for our urban environments, the planet and human health.

Whether you're a BCorp or simply a business concerned about the environment, sharing workspace and office days reduces building related emissions and air pollution.

Turn empty office days into revenue

How it works


Build Your Profile With Ease

Work with our team to discuss how best to optimise your space. Get your Hosted Office live on our site.


Our Team Find Your Tenant

We'll start marketing your space to our customer base, on Zoopla and office brokers with businesses searching for office space. And we support the whole viewing process.


We Take Care of Onboarding

When we've found your office tenant, we'll support you by providing legal templates, landlord negotiations and onboarding.

And just like that!

We collect the rent and you start a recurring income stream. It's that easy! More questions? Check out our FAQs below or contact us on

Frequently asked questions
How long do we have to commit to renting our space out for?
A minimum of a year. If you're approaching the renewal date for your lease or are close to a break clause, have a chat with us before you decide whether to stay. As long as you plan to stay on in your current offices, we can market your excess space.
How long will it take to fill our excess space?
It usually takes between 1-3 months. After an initial chat we can give you a good indication of the likelihood that we can find you tenants. The key factors that affect how quickly spaces are filled are how flexible the host is toward accommodating the needs of the tenants and the price and location of their offices.
How much will it cost?
Listing your space on our site is free until a tenant signs a contract. At that point, we charge a small commission based on the rental value.
What is expected of me as an office host?
A friendly welcome and a flexible approach go a long way towards creating a good relationship with tenants.
It's also important to be available for any service-related needs, such as internet or cleaning, after they have moved in. Your involvement ensures a smooth experience for tenants and fosters a positive relationship. We will guide you every step of the way, so the work on your side is kept to a minimum.
Can I be an office host if my space is located in a serviced office?
It will depend on the provider themselves and other factors. Please get in touch if this is your situation and we will be happy to discuss it in more detail.
How do I get landlord approval?
It may not be necessary to get your landlord's approval if you already have certain permissions in your lease.
We can advise you about this. If you do need landlord approval, you can use our Agreement in Principle, which has had a 100% success rate so far.
What happens if there’s damage to my office?
At the contract drafting stage we make sure that both parties are fully insured for any damage to the office that might occur.