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What are Hosted Offices?

Hand picked unique workspaces in London with great design and vibes baked in. Created by businesses so their teams thrive. But hybrid working means they just don't need all of their space, all of the time.
That's why Space32 created Hosted Offices. 8 desks to 100, part time or full time. Your own dedicated space that will bring the joy back to office working.
Now in our second year with Space32, we're congratulating ourselves on finding this progressive solution! We've been able to answer our team's needs, enabling them to work in the way that works for us all.
Jessica HargreavesCEO, Pretty Green
How Hosted Offices compare
Size (desks)
Part-time available
Reduces costs
Meeting rooms included
Short minimum commitment
Ready to use
Simple monthly payments
Low enviromental impact

Hosted Offices


Serviced Offices


Managed Offices


Leased Offices

It always frustrated me that we were paying for 5 days in the office when we didn't need 5 days. When Space32 came along - it's exactly what we'd been looking for! We're hosted by a marketing company. They're really flexible and and our team love the set up. It works for everyone!
Cathy AlfordManaging Director, Searchlight
Why Hosted Offices?


Perhaps your team is finding connectivity a challenge? Or your half empty office is soulless and isolating. Both factors have a negative impact on team culture, motivation and wellbeing.

Selecting a Hosted Office is a people first strategy. You're getting a workspace with great design, energy and vibes baked in - so you can reconnect with your team.

Turn empty office days into revenue


Hosted Offices are the perfect combination of serviced office flexibility and the value of a traditionally leased office. You get your own space but only pay for the days you want. And you never pay for meeting rooms!

This unique blend gives you more for your money, puts more cash in the bank, unlocking opportunity for you and your team elsewhere!

Turn empty office days into revenue


Newly built and underutilised office space increases polluting emissions and wastes energy. That's bad for our urban environments, the planet and human health.

Whether you're B Corp or simply a business concerned about the environment, choosing a Hosted Office reduces building related emissions and air pollution.

Turn empty office days into revenue
How It Works


Build a shortlist of your ideal Hosted Offices to fit your unique needs.



We'll organise the entire viewing process to help you compare and select your perfect match.



Relax. You've found your new Hosted Office. Get ready to move in!

Frequently asked questions
Do we get a workspace to ourselves?

Yes. If that's what you want! We match your individual needs with those of an Office Host. Businesses can have completely exclusive use of a space on their office days, or they can mutually agree to retain a small proportion of desk space for their remote days.

So whether you're looking for a whole floor to yourself, or a private area within an office, desks or specific days - from a full week to part time - we will have a match for you.

How much does it cost?

All Hosted Offices have an all inclusive monthly fee which covers everything from rent and rates through to utilities, internet and cleaning.

Tea, coffee, snacks, breakfast materials and other drinks can be available to all occupiers, depending on individual preferences and availability. There are generally no set up costs and a deposit (usually 2 months rent) will be required.

Are meeting rooms included?

Yes! Say farewell to additional meeting room costs, all Office Hosts include meeting rooms in your all inclusive monthly cost.

What is the minimum commitment length?

Office Hosts usually require a minimum 6 month commitment, beyond which parties can decide either to extend for a fixed period or continue on a rolling basis with a notice period of between 1-3 months.

How does security work?

Team members will generally use their own laptops and screens are usually provided as standard on each desk.

Depending on server security set up, both businesses will either use the same or a separate Wi-Fi network. At the end of each day, team members can choose whether to take their belongings home with them or to store them in a secure location. Additional non-secure storage can be shared between occupiers and colour coded.

What are the legal terms?
Occupiers sign our tried and tested 'Licence to Occupy' style Office Host Agreement. Standard business insurance policies do not need to be amended (although you should speak to your insurer if you have any concerns).
What about storage?
Every Hosted Office provides dedicated secure storage space for business needs. Kitchen contents such as crockery and cutlery are shared across both businesses. Within larger office spaces, we strongly recommend separate fridges.
What is provided on desks?
Computer screens are usually provided as standard on each desk and every Office Host provides clutter free desks ready for your exclusive use.
How does it work if we take a space part-time?
You will have specific days allocated to your team each week. A clear desk policy and strict cleaning instructions ensure that your space is ready for you on each of your days.
What if we can't find exactly what we want?
We are experts at finding the best hosted office spaces across London, so if you like the concept but can't quite see what you want, we can help! Register your needs with us and we can do a tailored search on your behalf, free of charge.