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Please ensure you read this section before starting the process of gaining permission in principle from your landlord and get in touch with us if you have any further questions

This section of your account is to help you gain advance permission in principle from your landlord to enter into a Hybrid Office Timeshare with a 3rd party. In the majority of circumstances, we do not believe this is necessary – our research shows that the vast majority of landlords will provide you with the permission required at the time that you have found a space seeker interested in timesharing your office space. At that stage, we have a separate process to support you in this.

The last 18mths have permanently changed the rules governing finances that underpin the office leasing market as well as landlord sentiment. Landlords will see this as an opportunity to de-risk your current lease and make it more likely that you will extend your lease beyond your current break.

We have made the process of gaining landlord permission simple for you. We have a standard Hybrid Office Timesharing agreement, designed to be accepted by the majority of landlords with a small amendment to your existing lease, which can usually be achieved via a “side letter” agreement. You will be expected to cover your landlord’s legal costs (up to £2500) and your own (circa £1000 if you use our recommended legal provider).

Because of these costs, we recommend that you only request official permission from your landlord at the time we have found a space seeker interested in your office space. At that point, the costs of this should be a small fraction of the rental revenue that will be generated from entering into the hybrid office timeshare.

It is a good idea to request permission in principle from your landlord in advance of listing your office on our site in the following instances:

  • If you believe your landlord may be unlikely to provide permission (such as the property is owned by a local authority)
  • If you are approaching a decision point on your existing lease and finding a Hybrid office partner would impact your decision to remain in your lease
  • If you feel that gaining agreement in principle in advance is the better option for your business.
Do you believe you need advance permission in principle from your landlord?
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