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Why Are Business Leaders Struggling With Hybrid Working?

Why Are Business Leaders Struggling With Hybrid Working?

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Change is inevitable, but the pace at which it's happening in the office space right now is enough to leave anyone breathless. 

Business leaders just like you across London are all grappling with the same monumental shift – how to manage hybrid working. 

The once-familiar landscape of the office has evolved into a messy mix of remote and in-person collaboration, leaving business leaders feeling the pressure to hit the right balance of office work and work-from-home.

But why exactly are business leaders struggling with when it comes to hybrid working?

The Struggle Is Real: What Business Leaders Are Worried About With Hybrid Working

Embracing change isn't always easy, especially when it comes to redefining how work gets done and managing your organisation during a downturn.

The challenges business leaders face with hybrid working can broadly be divided into 3 separate areas:

1. Communication Conundrum: Watercooler chats have turned into virtual messages. Important discussions now compete with digital noise. 

2. Trust Deficit: The traditional notion of supervising employees has taken a backseat. It's natural to wonder: Are they truly working?

3. Culture Clash: Company culture used to be nurtured within office walls. How do you nurture it when your team is spread out? 

It’s important to remember that these problems are completely unprecedented (sorry for the buzzword) in the history of business, so there is no playbook to draw from. 

Business leaders are largely left fending for themselves, trying to come up with an ad hoc solution that works best for them and their team, risking precious capital and employee turnover by making the wrong office choices.

But Space32 are here to help!

Unlocking Success: Solutions at Your Fingertips

The challenges are real, but so are the solutions. Trust us, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses switch offices during the era of hybrid working, so we know a thing or two about adapting your office to match the new normal.

As the pioneers of the part-time office, we want to shout from the rooftops about the fastest-growing solution to hybrid working woes: fixed hybrid.

Fixed hybrid basically means working from home on specific days, and having everyone come to the office on the other days. Sounds simple right? But the benefits are revolutionary to say the least.

Firstly, it creates a more inclusive and collaborative atmosphere in the office on an “in” day, meaning no more wasted trips by your employees to an empty, dull office.

Secondly, it means you and your team can sculpt your week with a degree of certainty about which days to organise in-person collaboration and which days to prioritise solo focus work (and when you can put the laundry on!). This is crucial to build stability and trust for your team, which again, contributes to a better employee experience!

A third and slightly more advanced benefit is that if you can get an office on a part-time basis to fit your fixed hybrid schedule, you can reduce your office costs by up to 70%! 

Want to see how you can implement a fixed hybrid schedule, successfully manage the hybrid working era and whether a part-time office would work for your business? Then sign up for our upcoming webinar.

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Change isn't just a challenge – it's an opportunity. Embracing hybrid working doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, it's a chance to reshape how your company thrives in the new normal. Don't let the elephant in the room intimidate you; let Space32 guide you through your options and educate you on the best way forward.

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