Space Three Two
Space Three Two

How we work

We support businesses with data and facts to help them make the right call for their needs - whether it be full-time or part-time offices.

Space32 research shows that over 95% of businesses no longer work 5 days in the office each week, with 57% of office workers across London wanting between 2-3 days each week in the office.

We are a marketplace connecting hybrid working organisations to space providers with flexible, convenient office solution for today’s world of work

Using our platform

Our marketplace is set up for the 95% of businesses that are looking for a mid-to-long-term office solution that fits their hybrid working needs. This is how we help:

1. Manual search

Unlike other marketplace sites, our manual search lets you search according to the shiny new hybrid-friendly features businesses are looking for. They include:

  • Find a part-time “Hybrid Office”. A space available for less than 5 days each week. Usually 2 or 3 days. On a minimum 6 month contract. Use this filter and select the number of days each week you want your office.
  • Prioritise distance to station. Our research shows that walking distance to a nearest station is important to most businesses. Use our sliding scale of walking time in minutes to filter your choices
  • Meeting room and break out space requirements. The office is no longer just about doing the day job. You need the right additional facilities to foster culture and collaboration. Use our filters to set the requirements you need for your space.

2. Intelligent Match

We do the work for you. Tell us about your business in the space preferences section of your details page, and we’ll create a tailored shortlist of recommended spaces.

3. Connect directly to office providers

Our platform allows you to directly contact Space Providers. You can ask them questions, and arrange viewings with no middle-person involved. All the while, we’re here to help you get the most out of our platform when you need us.

What to expect from us

  • Transparency. No smoke and mirrors. We separate fact from opinion. What we say is what we mean, so you don’t have to second guess.
  • Fairness. Every Space Provider on our platform is treated the same. No hidden deals.
  • Connectors. We don’t see ourselves as office brokers or agents. Our platform connects Space Seekers with Space Providers directly. If you know what you need, great - we help you find it. If you don’t, no problem- we help you define what you need, and then get to work on helping you find it.