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'Fixed Hybrid' working is the future

Quote by Jon Dweck, Founder from Space32


Jon Dweck, Founder, Space32

'Fixed Hybrid' working sees entire teams come together on set days of the week, all working remotely on other days.

The Problem

The pandemic has changed working patterns for good. The average UK office working now wants to work between 2-2.5 days a week in the office. Before the pandemic it was closer to 4.

Businesses have a challenging decision to make. Complete flexibility or fully remote working leads to a disconnect between team members and a loss of culture. Maintaining a 5-day office week discounts the 90% of office workers that are no longer prepared to come in every day.

There is no doubt that some work activities are done better in person. Too much time remote can make a job feel transactional, leading to higher staff turnover. And there is a real danger for the younger working generation - those that have recently joined the modern workforce have not had a chance to learn through others, build a network for their career and enjoy the social side of work. Too much remote working will not enable the next generation to learn the skills and behaviours they need to thrive.

The Solution

Bringing entire teams together on fixed days each week - usually 2 or 3, brings the buzz back to the office, enabling a greater sense of togetherness. Team members can socialise at lunch and after work. Leaders can lead and mentor in person and on desk, not missing out on noticing those high potential stars that they can build around for the future, and those that are struggling and need more support. The all-important 121s and team meetings can happen face-to-face. Company-wide huddles can celebrate wins, foster culture and bring the sense of tribe back.

At the same time, team members have a consistent working pattern they can build their lives around. Knowing when they are in the office each week allows them to plan the things that matter outside of work each week, be that a trip to the gym, walking the dog, taking the kids to school or simply enjoying more time in bed!

Financial and Environmental Impact Potential

Reducing office days leaves entire offices empty on certain days. As millions of office teams switch to this way of working, Space32 is there to enable businesses to share the same space on different days of the week. The average cost savings are close to 50%, while energy consumption is equally reduced.