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Everything you wanted to know about part-time office sharing

How part-time office sharing works

You'd never know another business was using the space when we weren't there by Lucy Morgan from Pod Talent


Lucy Morgan

Pod Talent

A Hybrid Office does not feel like a compromise. It truly feels like your team's own space on the days you need it. Here is how it's done...

The Basics

To start with, all hybrid offices operate a clean desk policy and communal areas are tidy. Businesses can have their company branding side by side, or swapped on changeover nights. Each night, cleaning contractors ensure everything is put back as it was ready for a new day and a new occupier to enjoy their own space.

Businesses can have completely exclusive use of their space on their office days, or they can mutually agree to retain a small proportion of desk space for their remote days. Where exclusive use is agreed, businesses can offer affordable access to remote coworking space to team members unable to comfortably work from home (a 10% take-up rate is usual, making this a minimal cost).

Team members will predominantly use laptops and screens are usually provided as standard on each desk. Depending on server security set up, both businesses will either use the same or a separate Wi-Fi network. At the end of each day, team members can choose whether to take their belongings home with them or to store them in a secure location. Additional non-secure storage can be shared between occupiers and colour coded.

Kitchen contents such as crockery and cutlery are shared across both businesses. Within larger office spaces, we strongly recommend separate fidges. Tea, coffee, snacks, breakfast materials and other drinks can be available to all occupiers, depending on individual preferences and availability.

The Terms

All Hybrid Offices have an all inclusive monthly fee which covers everything from rent and rates through to utilities, internet and cleaning. Providers usually require a minimum 6mth commitment, beyond which parties can decide either to extend for a fixed period or continue on a rolling basis with a notice period of between 1-3months. There are usually zero set up costs and a deposit (usually 2 or 3 months rent) will be required.

The Legals

Occupiers sign up to a 'License to Occupy' style agreement, either similar or identical to those provided by serviced office and coworking providers but with specific office days and handover times defined within an agreement. Standard business insurance policies do not need to be amended (although you should speak to your insurer if you have any concerns).