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How can your business become a ‘Hybrid Host’?

How can your business become a ‘Hybrid Host’?

Renting out your space for just 2 days each week can halve your total office costs. Here’s how to do it.

Being a Hybrid Host is a bit like Airbnb – but with one long-term guest paying for your space on the days you don’t need.

As business owners are well aware, wasted desk space equates to loss of ROI on rental fees. But Space32 has the solution: ‘Hybrid Host’ status.

Renting out your space for just 2 days each week can halve your total office costs – that doesn’t just mean rent, but everything from rates to internet. It’s a no brainer for any hybrid-working business, and a big persuading factor for any business considering the switch.

The people behind Space32 were the first every hybrid hosts, now we support businesses to do the same, with a 100% success rate so far. These hybrid hosts have been reaping the benefits for their teams and bottom lines ever since.

Based on our experience, here’s the download on what you’ll need to get started, and how we can help:

  1. Check your space is right.

    You need to have a traditional lease, with at least 15 months left, and a minimum of 1500 sqft (to make it worth your while). Your space must be well-kept, and clean. Most businesses do already use laptops instead of desktops, but if you don’t you’ll need to make the switch.

  2. Adopt hybrid office policies.

    A clean-desk space policy is a must while neutral décor is often preferred. Think about what you would need to do in your space to accommodate this, and to communicate these new requirements with your team.

  3. Agreement with your landlord.

    Your landlord must consent to you becoming a hybrid landlord. But don’t worry, no landlord has yet disagreed (on the date of writing). Space32 has the documents and methodology already mapped out to help you handle this, from first getting in touch to defining terms. And if they don’t agree - we can find you a space that will.

  4. Prepare your space.

    Providing your additional occupier their own fridge, secure storage, and agreeing house-keeping rules will be part of the deal. By investing small amounts upfront, you can quickly transform your space for shared occupancy. And in a way that will work to your benefit on the days you use the office. Less clutter and more space. All at half the price of your original rental.

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